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Évolution inversée

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
― Pablo Picasso

The importance of knowing the fundamentals and what it means to develop yourself as an artist, as said by someone who is considered to be the best artist in history.

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By Crom! is my joke-a-panel autobiographical comic featuring life advice and spiritual guidance from Conan the Barbarian. It ran from January 2012 to May 2014, and is collected in two books, The Collected By Crom! and Full Colour Cromulence. You can read the archives on, and grab the books in print and in PDF.

By Crom! will be tabling with Weald Comics at TCAF, VanCAF, TAAFI and possibly FanExpo Toronto!

Hello new followers! Welcome! Here’s an overview of By Crom! for you all!

If you’re looking for By Crom! this fall, you can catch me flailing excitedly around GenCon with some postcards and high fives but no table, or you can come to booth a287 at FanExpo in Toronto for all the books and prints and originals a true barbarian could desire. 

Cromulent Summer Reruns have been running here on By Crom!, having now completed a rerun of the full first zine. We’re taking a short break and will be back on the 21st with reruns from The Collected By Crom!.

Thank you all so much for all your support here! It’s been a wild ride and I’m touched that you’re touched by all Conan’s “weirdly inspirational” advice!

Omg! These are the best!

A brilliant piece of satire on many instances we look for guidance. I’ll definitely be looking into this more

#Happy #Birthday #creep ! #Judgedredd decided to pop by to say hello to my #brother. 

I always remember reading my brother’s #2000ad #comics when I was younger, I thought I’d make him this for a birthday present.

#letraset #ink #pen #pentel #drawing #sketch #paintpen #sharpie #illustration #art #comicbook #needtopractisemore

#Happy #Birthday #creep ! #Judgedredd decided to pop by to say hello to my #brother.

I always remember reading my brother’s #2000ad #comics when I was younger, I thought I’d make him this for a birthday present.

#letraset #ink #pen #pentel #drawing #sketch #paintpen #sharpie #illustration #art #comicbook #needtopractisemore

Making #art and #crafts #donkey ears with #Infamous #Community #Arts at #Telford. It’s raining a bit but we’ll still be here making #fairy #wings, #facepaint and #leaf #crowns. 

#fun #aliceinwonderland #infamouscommunityarts

Making #art and #crafts #donkey ears with #Infamous #Community #Arts at #Telford. It’s raining a bit but we’ll still be here making #fairy #wings, #facepaint and #leaf #crowns.

#fun #aliceinwonderland #infamouscommunityarts

Trip to #walsall just to #draw and #pencil #sketch. #Geese and #thumbnail sketches of #architecture are the focus at the moment. 

Thinking of #inking it later, I might use my #pentel #brushpen, or I might do some separate #studies going straight into brushpen. Depends how I feel. 

#art #artist #illustration #drawing #relax #canal

Trip to #walsall just to #draw and #pencil #sketch. #Geese and #thumbnail sketches of #architecture are the focus at the moment.

Thinking of #inking it later, I might use my #pentel #brushpen, or I might do some separate #studies going straight into brushpen. Depends how I feel.

#art #artist #illustration #drawing #relax #canal

Breaking Bad to the Future — Fighting Art Plagiarism: (PLEASE re-blog and share)

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( Edit: He FB messaged me the following AFTER I wrote the body of this post. )




I know I don’t own Back to the Future parodies, or Breaking Bad parodies, or mash-ups - and my own piece was a (rather obvious) homage to Drew Struzan, a poster artist whom I greatly admire… but I credited him as my inspiration from the start, and I didn’t simply copy his image, I put my own spin on it. It was my idea to make THIS homage. I hunted high and low for anyone who had executed a similar mash-up in the past before I started work on it. A few people had done Breaking Bad/BttF mash-ups, but as far as I could tell, no one had done it this way before me. 

The day after I posted my initial rough sketch, Jamie R. Stone (AKA: Punksthetic) rushed his own into production, posting progress images in the same manner I had (something that doesn’t appear to be part of his regular practice). He finished his the day after I finished mine, and promptly started selling it on Redbubble. 

The problem here is that Jamie making money from my idea really does effect me. It potentially affects my sales, because people who see his first may buy it, or they may choose his over mine. It’s already hard enough to make money out of art without competing with the people who are stealing your ideas. That’s why y
esterday I posted this sardonic open-letter to Redbubble (written in the style of Walter White), pleading with them to remove a knock-off of my own work from their website. They did. I’m happy for that. I’ve put up t-shirts of my own work there now for people to buy if they’re interested. 


However, unfortunately, I’m still dealing with this problem, because the plagiarist (Jamie R. Stone, AKA; Punksthetic) has not guaranteed that he will remove his version from sale elsewhere. 

Yesterday we had a long argument on his Facebook Fan-Page, (during which he had the audacity to ask me for a share of my own profits) where many decent people defended me - and one of his friends attempted to defend him. The only real defense was essentially; ‘Jamie isn’t a plagiarist, he’s a nice guy!’ Eventually, they gave up, deleted all negative comments about them, and Jamie’s friend posted something insinuating that we had arrived at some sort of a mutual agreement.

We had not. Neither Jamie, nor his solitary supporter have made themselves available for comment. To reiterate, they have told people we have come to an agreement and blocked me from telling people that this isn’t true. 

I’m asking anybody out there who sees this and disagrees with stealing other people’s concepts, to contact Jamie via his Facebook, his Facebook fan-page, or his Tumblr and ask him to please take his shameless copy down and cease attempting to sell it.  

And please, if you see him selling this piece elsewhere on the internet, let me know.

Thanks for your time, love you guys.

EDIT: Since I first posted this, he has admitted to stealing my idea and threatened me: 

So it doesn’t seem like he’s backing down. I do appreciate all of your attempts to get through to him though, especially those of you posting on his fan-page about the theft. 

I’ve been talking to other artist who have brought to light other knock-offs he has made. This guy is a regular crook, making a living out of stealing concepts from better artists and selling inferior work on t-shirt sites. 



Jamie’s Knock-Off:

Please, make a note of this man’s name and do not buy from him. Tell your friends not to buy from him. Share this post around as much as possible and let people know that he isn’t worth their money. 

Thanks again.


P.S: Below is a long transcript of deleted content from Jamie’s FB fanpage with much proof and very telling behaviour on his side. 


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Art theft is a horrible and caustic situation to be in, not only does it damage yourself but it damages the community around you too. Don’t be a plagiarist.

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Expression Series - Toothless

Medium : Monster Clay (

Time Taken : 5-6 hours Each

About the Project

What an amazing project this has been!  Thank you all for the support over the past few weeks as I created each bust.  In case you missed it, I started out wanting to do a clay sketch series focused around the many faces of Toothless.  I produced a new bust every few days over the period of around a week and a half.  Expressions have never been my strongest point, so I wanted to tackle this head on.  And I learned SO much from it.  I feel like I have a better grasp on how faces deform and what makes a strong expression.  Plus, Toothless!

This project has been an incredible learning experience.  Sculpting a character’s face in a single position is one thing, but having to do variations like this is much more difficult.  You really have to understand how the face stretches and compresses and how the different muscles of the face affect one another.

After I completed the second bust in the series, I was contacted by Dane Stogner, the lead character animator for Toothless in HTTYD2.  He knows the ins and outs of the character, and offered to help me make each bust even stronger.  I can’t thank him enough for his invaluable advice.  Instead of struggling for hours trying to get a bust to look right, he pointed out the areas that needed tweaking.  Every time I made the changes he suggested, it brought each bust to life.  This was especially true of the “Angry” bust where I resculpted it completely (see WIP posts below)

About the Busts

I assure you, these aren’t made of chocolate.  They were sculpted from an oil/wax based clay, Monster Clay.  It will never cure and can be reused over and over.

These busts stand around 4 inches tall and were each created from scratch.  They were intended as studies or sketches so they still look a bit rough in areas.  I plan on going back later to add more scales, the nubs on the ears, and do another pass or two on the refining.

A limited number of cast sets will be available in the future.  I don’t plan on selling these casts individually or as blank paint-your-own.  I will release information on pricing and numbers once they are available.

Links to WIP Posts for Each Bust

Neutral - Happy - Annoyed - Angry - Angry (Resculpt) - Super Angry

Want to learn how to sculpt like I do?  My book Creature Sculpt will teach you everything you need to know! Check out all the information here!  I even discuss how to work with Monster Clay, the clay I used for this project.

Interested in a Commission?  To read my commission policy, pricing, and information on how to get a slot, go here.


You may have recently seen a post from me talking about the need for people to help create a live action Transformers fan film (by the fans for the fans), here is where you could come in.

There is currently a need for various people who can help with the animation and especially the VFX area of the movie, so we have a list of roles that need to be filled such as:

  • Compositors
  • Matchmover Artists
  • Concept Artists 
  • Animators
  • Digital Lighting Artists
  • Digital Texture Artists
  • 3d Rigging Artists
  • Matte Painters
  • VFX Supervisor 
  • CG Graphics Supervisor

If you are interested in taking part let me know on here or on the facebook .

We’re looking at everyone’s work and willingness to help with the film so come and see what you can contribute. 


Bry - Lead Animator 

Calling all Transformers enthusiasts…

So as of my application today, I am now the Lead Animator and additional Concept artist on the live action fan film (by the fans for the fans), Transformers: Rise of Unicron.

However I do need more people to be part of my team to help bring our characters to life, so if you would like to be part of the team please send me a message. Specifically, if you know anyone who can rig an animation models or work with CG, please send them my way. There may be additional slots for concept artists and other roles such as voice acting too.

Please share this post as it would be great to have additional people backing this effort. If you want more information please go to the site - or the facebook


A quick #horror style #comic #cover #art / #movie #poster sketch involving #bats, #skulls, #decaying #arms and #rituals. This was just something off the top of my head that I made on the train coming home from holiday.

#pen #pencil #marker #brushpen

A quick #horror style #comic #cover #art / #movie #poster sketch involving #bats, #skulls, #decaying #arms and #rituals. This was just something off the top of my head that I made on the train coming home from holiday.

#pen #pencil #marker #brushpen